We take orthopantomographic and spot pictures in our offices.

Before establishing the initial treatment plan, we analyse the orthopantomographic picture thus allowing for earlier detection of problems with condition of your dentition, even in cases, when patients do not sense any pain complaints.

Additionally there is a spot x-ray unit with radio-visual system combined with each dental unit.
It allows for taking digital photos directly during the procedure. The X-ray picture is obtained on the screen of a computer within 2 seconds from the time the picture is taken.

The radiology system used in our office allows reducing a dose of X-rays in dental intraoral pictures up to 90%. That allows us to take several pictures during a single treatment with a total lower radiation dose. That is of particular importance during endodontic treatment.

  In order to make arrangements for a visit, please fill in an on-line form or call us.  
  You are most welcome to join training courses in the scope of endodontics and microscopic dentistry.  
  We are looping to cooperate with doctors in the scope of root canal therapy and complications after endodontic treatment.